About Us

WNB Enterprises, LLC was birthed in the creative canal of a company that its principal, Wayne Bullock, co-created called A.P.O.C. Productions. A.P.O.C. began in 2003 with an inspirational program that drew thousands of people in one day.

Eight years later, Wayne and his cousin Mark Bullock produced theatrical, musical, and spoken word performances to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and improve the equality of people’s lives with messages of hope and unity.

With the same spirit of APOC, In 2012, Wayne began focusing specifically on performing arts through WNB Enterprises, LLC. He wrote and produced 4 stage plays: “Yet Will I Trust Him, The Hour, Among the Baggage, and a musical, Anything But Goodbye, which has inspired thousands mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

With the release of Wayne’s new stage play, “To Live For,” and his new book, “Good Success,”  WNB is burgeoning into a multi-faceted enterprise to bring hope and inspiration in various art forms.

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