The Visionary



Wayne N. Bullock is the visionary and founder of WNB Enterprises, LLC. He has written and produced several stays plays, of which a number of them have made their way throughout New Jersey on the East Coast.

For over 20 years, Wayne has served the ministry as a worship leader, musician, preacher, Pastor, songwriter, and playwright. Secularly, he has been a School Administrator for four years. In 2020, Wayne was consecrated as one of the youngest Bishops in the United Holy Church of America and currently serves as the Vice President of the Northern District, the second largest district of the UHCA.

Wayne has received two bachelor’s degrees, one in criminal justice and the other in sociology, from Kean University, NJ. Additionally, he has received a Masters of Divinity degree from the Northwestern Theological Seminary, Fl. and and Masters degree in Educational Leaders from the American College of Education, IN.

Wayne is blessed to have been married to Kendra for 21 years. Together, Wayne and Kendra have three beautiful children: Kayla, Kaitlyn, and Wayne, Jr.