Past Events

Anything But Goodbye
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A musical written to aid in the fight against teen suicide! Packed with intense scenes and a powerful musical score, this production will capture the hearts of teenagers and young adults across the globe, offering them an alternative solution to their mental and social issues rather than hurting themselves or taking their own lives.

The Hour

An edge-of-your-seat tension filled stage-play, that takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride with five ordinary people who are trying to make sense of the loss, the confusion, the chaos, and the extreme fear of what it means to be left behind. It provides a birds-eye-view as they come to the realization of a truth they always knew but never wanted to acknowledge...The END is NEAR!

Yet Will I Trust Him

Based on the story of Job, when a man loses his family and essentially everything, he is challenged to continue trusting God and having faith that his many ordeals are all apart of God’s plan.

You're Not The Only One

"You're Not The Only One" is a production about 4 young adults who are forced to deal with social issues affecting their personal lives including bullying, domestic abuse, drugs, and alcohol. These young adults have always felt they were alone in their struggle until they met one another at a youth gathering! As they each reflect on their current situation, they realize the commonalities in their fight and make the commitment to help each other survive.